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Don�t worry about finding my G spot, with your entire fist inside of my normally tight snatch, we�ll be working all the way through the alphabet of pleasure! Rim the tips of your fingers around my modest sized cavity, tease me with a few gentle plunges of one, two and then three of your digits. I can feel my thick puffy lips spreading as the hood raises on my clit and the cream begins to ooze from my hole. I crave the feeling of being stuffed, my hungry pussy aches to be ravished by as much of your arm that you can drive in. I want to swear that I can feel you in the back of my throat, as my thighs fall open to give you clear entry. Your thumb is the last finger in and I still have room for it, push harder, make me scream out in a pain filled pleasure that will drive me to the po...

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