SexZool 2.0 Help


Contact us with bugreports, feedback or if you have great galleries you want us to link to.


When browsing galleries and tube movies you'll see stars: . Pressing the star adds the gallery to your favorites. You can view your favorites in the right sidebar. The favorites are divided (just like the whole site) into tube movies, picture galleries and movie galleries.

Favorites are saved using HTML Local Storage (kind of like cookies). It's very safe and secure and there's no easy way to find these favorites for people other then you. They only show when you visit

This means you don't have to register or give us your email to start collecting favorite links. On the downside, the favorites will be unique to each browser/computer. The favorites you have on your desktop won't be there on your laptop. You can share your favorites (with yourself or others) by going to your favorites and then copy the URL. You can then mail the URL to yourself, post it on a forum or whatever you feel like.

When browsing your favorites there's a red cross () beside each favorite. Click the cross to remove the favorite.


The navigation-bar is divided into three parts. First up is the order, choose between:
  • Hot - Ranked by quality, popularity and freshness of the porn
  • New - The very newest porn on top, mixed quality
  • Top - Toprated porn by week or year. View the best stuff of every week.
Second is media, choose between:
  • All - All the porn in a splendid mix of pictures, movieclips and tubemovies
  • Tube - Only tube movies, requires flash
  • Picture - Only picture galleries with thumbnails leading to big pictures
  • Movie - Only movie galleries with thumbnails leading to movie clips in various formats
Third is display-format, choose between:
  • Thumbs - Thumbnail-preview of the content
  • Text - Classic oldschool text-links leading to the good stuff

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit +1 & Google Plus

Why no tweet, facebook like and google+ buttons? Well, we're a friggin pornsite, that's why. Why would you want your family and friends know that you're visiting us? Having those buttons on pornsites is like putting un-marked porn DVDs in the family DVD-player, hoping no one will press play on the remote without switching discs.

Even if you don't want to click those share-buttons, you might by mistake and then all your facebook friends can see what you're surfing. Do we wan't every bit of exposure we can possible get? Yes. Are we dicks? No.


An advanced search-tutorial is comming soon.